Saturday, January 5, 2013

NFL Wild Card Weekend Ready to Rumble!!!

              The NFL playoffs where legends are born and memories are made to last forever. This season we have the usual Super Bowl type suspects Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers joined by the youngsters RGIII, Russell Wilson, and Andrew Luck. Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis will be playing possibly his last game in Baltimore versus the Indianapolis Colts. Andy Dalton and AJ Green's Cincinnati Bengals have a 2012 divisional round rematch with the Houston Texans. Last but not least Adrian Peterson the greatest running back on the planet faces NFC North divisional rival Green Bay Packers on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Divisional Wild Card round 2013 has all the makings of an unforgettable weekend of NFL football. Time to put the hard hat on and Cleo up with our NFL Wild Card predictions.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Houston Texans Jan 5th 4:30 pm EST (NBC)

Bengals are on a roll winners of three straight with key wins over Ravens and Steelers to finish the regular season. Last season Andy Dalton and A.J. Green were rookies tasting NFL postseason pressure for the first time. Now that young Bengals have grown some mane lately they are seeking revenge against the Texans. Houston (12-4) enter the playoffs losers of 3 out of 4 regular season games to end the season. Schaub and company are favorites to win at home but a glaring stat reveals the Texans as frauds in BIG games. All four loses are against playoff teams Packers, Patriots, Colts and Vikings. Bengals have a clear shot in this match-up but can they slow the Texans offense?

Prediction: (Houston Texans) Last seasons wild card game was over before it started. This time the Bengals won't fold so easily but the addition of Matt Schaub combined with Arian Foster will have the offense rolling in the 4th Qtr...

Minnesota Viking vs. Green Bay Packers Jan 5th 8:00pm EST (NBC)  

Vikings will travel to face NFC North division rival Green Bay Packers and will be relying heavily on the shoulders, back and knees of Adrian Peterson. In two games this season Peterson has rushed for 409 yards and  2 TD against the Packers. Packers have lost four out of the last six playoff games at Lambeau Field and this time the tundra will be frozen with -10 degree wind chill temps. Aaron Rodgers threw for 365 yards and 4 TD's in week 17 match-up against the Vikings. Packers have won 7 straight home games and nothing makes me think the streak will change.

Prediction: (Packers) Simply have more offensive weapons and week 17 proved this could turn into a shootout. Still have weather concerns as it will be bitter cold forcing Packers to think twice when Vikings pound the football with Peterson. After pondering over the facts there is simply nothing to ponder about after all Packers move onto San Francisco and warmer weather in the next round.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens Jan 6th 1:00pm EST (CBS)

Andrew Luck will be the first of three rookie QB's to take the field on Sunday. Colts have been surprising this season Reggie Wayne and Luck have developed a good chemistry allowing the rookie to flourish. Issues still exist with Colts as the defense has allowed 24.2 points per game and the offense has only mustered 22.3 per contest. Teams that allow more points then they can score generally don't make the playoffs and the Colts have been lucky this season. Luck has tossed 18 int's and the Ravens will be hungry to perform as Ray Lewis plays what is reportedly his last game in the NFL. Expect Ray Rice to touch the ball more in this contest as the Ravens ground and pound offense takes flight against the 29th rush defense and Flacco finds open receivers Boldin, Rice and Pitta versus the 21st ranked pass defense.

Prediction: (Ravens) The emotion will be high and the pressure will be fierce Ray Lewis and company will attack the Colts offense all afternoon. No disappointments or upsets here.... hail to #52

Seattle Seahawks vs. Washington Redskins Jan 6th 4:30pm EST (FOX)

Seahawks travel to the Nations Capital Washington D.C. to face off against the Washington Redskins in what could end up as first cross country rival between Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson. Both rookie signal callers have been excellent this season poise in the pocket and not afraid to mix it up on offense. Two mobile QB's taking the future of the NFL to new levels. Combined RGIII and RW3 have produced 46 TD's and 18 int's. Clearly the two best rookies in the NFL both rely on tough hard nose running backs Redskins Alfred Morris (1613 yds)and Seahawks Marshawn Lynch (1590 yds) ranking 2nd and 3rd among running backs in yards from scrimmage this season. While there are tons of offensive similarities for both teams, the comparisons end on defense where the Seahawks are #1 in the NFL allowing 15.3 pts per game. Brandon Browner returns from suspension and Richard Sherman won his appeal and Seattle's Legion of Boom secondary is the best in the NFL. Winner gets OROY?

Prediction:  (Seahawks) Early week reports mentioned that RGIII was looking to shed the knee brace for the playoffs but he is still hobbled and the latest news has him wearing a knee brace on Sunday. RGIII will need to be 100% in order to beat the #1 defense in the NFL as the Seahawks posses both speed and power on defense.

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