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Friday, June 28, 2013

NBA Draft 2013 Recap: They Stole the Show...

On Thursday night the burrough of Brooklyn held the 2013 NBA Draft. The start to the NBA draft was full of surprises Nerlens Noel dropped to #6, Cleveland Cavaliers continued their impressive drafting streaking selecting UNLV's Anthony Bennett #1. Many pundits (except us) predicted Noel to be the #1 draft pick in 2013 they were wrong and Noel's family was shocked holding their breath as Noels slipped down from #1 to #6. Finally Noels was selected by New Orleans Pelicans appearing to team w/ another Kentucky athlete and former #1 draft pick Anthony Davis. After the selection Kentucky Coach John Calipari was interviewed giving vivid thoughts of a possible Davis and Noel duo in the NBA. Pelicans looked to have secured a young front court full of potential. A few minutes later Twitter exploded with reports of Noels being traded to Philadelphia for Jrue Holiday. After dropping from a perceived #1 draft pick to #6 then being traded from Pelicans to 76ers minutes later. Noel told USA TODAY Sports "oh I am going, to make them pay".

Nerlens Noel is from Haiti his mother worked several jobs just to put food on the table. Through all he has endured he never quit he never gave up on his dream. His mother told reporters that Noel has been dreaming of this day since he was a child. Noel suffered a season-ending ACL tear forcing the young Mc Donald's All American to miss most of the 2012 season at Kentucky. It was the ACL tear that caused Noels to rapidly drop in the draft the look on his face became memorable everyone including ESPN announcers were shocked "wow".

During a pre-draft conversation with Atlanta's Jarvis Davis of 92.9 FM "The Game" we discussed the the possibility of Noels not being the best fit in Cleveland. Reason's discussed Anderson Varejao and Tristan Thompson already provide a good level talent at the post positions. Minutes before the draft I sent a two word text message to the producer "Anthony Bennett". With his strength, size and athletic ability Bennett reminds many of another former "Runnin Rebel" Larry Johnson. Bennett is a more prepared polished player when compared to Noel and has the ability to defend the SF and PF positions. When called with the #1 draft pick Bennett appeared shocked and you can't Google one website in the world where "Mock Drafts" listed Bennett at #1. History was set last night at Anthony Bennett became the first Canadian selected #1 in the NBA draft.

David Sterns goal was global he wanted to reach places where the NBA was less known. Stern believed the  basketball was an international sport that could catch fire around the globe expanding other countries from Canada to Nigeria. In the end Stern's dream was achieved, it all began in 1984 when the Houston Rockets selected Hakeem Olajuwon from Lagos Nigeria. It ended Thursday night during the 2013 draft when Stern called the surprising name of Canada's Anthony Bennett. Stern achieved his international goals the NBA has improved greatly international athletes have come from almost every continent since his commissioning except Antarctica of course.

The night should have ended with those three highlights Bennett, Noel and Stern but in the end the greatest immediate impact was felt when the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics stole the show. The writing was on the wall Tuesday afternoon when the much anticipated trade of Celtics coach Doc Rivers was dealt to the Los Angeles Clippers. Celtics brass had already watched former BIG 3 band member Ray Allen jump ship last season to rival Miami Heat and win a Championship as the NBA Finals parade drove through South Beach on Monday. Then Thursday night the Celtics completed their overhaul sending Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn. In the end Brooklyn hosted the 2013 NBA Draft and then stole the draft for keepsakes  with a Mega Deal. It's possible Boston's received way too much compensation for the once heralded NBA athletes, their tanks are close to empty but for the immediate future Brooklyn Stole the Show.... 

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